Jewish Community Center to Host Charity Runway Show


Asheville-native Fashion Publicist Sonia Hendrix of PUSH Productions announced this week a $500 donation
to the Jewish Community Center’s second annual Fashion Revival: Project Runway.

Hendrix explained her reason for the sponsorship by saying, “This donation is about giving to an organization
that has been a long-time fixture in our city, giving freely to those who need it, while also creating fun events
that support the local fashion industry. The spirit of my agency is to build platforms for local designers and
models to cultivate their skill sets and to help those artists gain exposure on a national level. I love what the JCC has done here by combining its mission to cultivate both community and fashion. We’re proud to be a sponsor!”

The JCC’s “Project Runway” event is slated for Sunday, June 24, from 10 a.m. to noon, at the Fine Arts Theatre in downtown Asheville. The event is known for its grassroots spin on engaging audiences during fashion shows for new designers. This year’s schedule features five categories ranging from the “I Sewed It Myself” amateur category, to “Only In Asheville Couture” and “Upcycled One of a Kind Day/Evening Wear.”

For more information on the JCC’s “Fashion Revival: Project Runway” fashion show, please visit: Designers can enter the fashion show by contacting producer, Carol McCollum: Tickets to the event are $18 and include one fashion show contest entry and light theatre brunch. One-hundred percent of the profits benefit the JCC.

JCC Sponsorhip Tiers – Still Accepting Sponsors
Chai-est Sponsorship: $144.00
Heavenly Sponsorship: $288.00
Awards Sponsorships for Businesses: $288
Hallelujah Sponsorship: $500.00

Jewish Community Center to Host Charity Runway Show


Regional Fashion Leaders Unite At Inaugural “Columbia Style Week”

Fashion enthusiasts in both Columbia, South Carolina and across the Southeast are gearing up for a week of fashion with the inaugural “Columbia Style Week,” kicking off with fashion panels and “beautiful people” parties tomorrow evening.

Fashion Publicist and “PUSH Fashion” Runway Coordinator Sonia Hendrix is slated to speak at the event on behalf of Asheville, N.C.’s fashion scene.

Hendrix explained,  “I was contacted several months back by Coordinator and Founder Alicia Zeigler, who also owns Wink Magazine and FFS Model and Talent Agency. Alicia had heard about my work as a runway producer, and wanted to bring me on as a speaker to represent Asheville and its developing fashion industry. I am honored to be part of Columbia’s first-ever fashion week!”

Columbia Style Week is scheduled to be five days and five nights of fashion, arts, chic mixers, live entertainment, exclusive shopping as well as fashion education, and lasts from Tuesday, June 5 through Saturday, June 9.

According to producer Alicia Zeigler, Hendrix will be a member of the event’s fashion panel, guest celebrity at the fashion shows, participate in media interviews, and network with fashion industry professionals and up-and-coming fashion professionals.

“I think this is an incredible opportunity to get the ball rolling on uniting the fashion scenes of both North and South Carolina. I am so glad Alicia has brought us together and I look forward to bringing her to Asheville for our own future fashion events,” said Hendrix.

Also speaking at the event will be Katie Kern, Founder of Circa PR; Anthony Simons, Visionary of CharlotteFashion Week; Taryn Scher, President of TK PR and Producer of Greenville Fashion Week; Rita Miles, Director of Charlotte Seen Fashion Week; and Sonya Barnes, International Stylist, CEO & Founder of Harris and Barnes Image Consulting.

For more information on Columbia Style Week and its scheduled events, please visit:

UPDATE!! Pics from the panel:

Fashion Panelists (L-R) Katie Kern of Circa PR, International Stylist Sonya Barnes, CEO PLITZ Fashion Marketing Anthony Simons, Sonia Hendrix of PUSH Productions, and Alicia Zeigler Editor in Chief at WINK Magazine

Panel Discussion: How To Succeed In The Fashion Industry

Backstage Bridal Fashion

Charleston Fashion Week Stole My Heart

These days I have been uber-busy with preparing for graduation at UNC Chapel Hill. Final exams, group projects and planning for the launch of my own PR agency, have all been–very–time consuming. To say the least.

However, I have been aching to post pictures of Charleston Fashion Week and tell you how flipping amazing it was to be present at the Southeast’s fashion event of the season.

Backstage Bridal Fashion

Being the fashion PR girl that I am–the networking at CFW was impeccable, but the fashion shows.. now those were the real reason to go.

And why shouldn’t they be? It’s fashion week, after all! The level of execution at this event was impressive, provocative and breathtakingly cool. Even more resounding was the enthusiasm and high-energy of everyone who attended. Everything seemed to just come together perfectly.

The fashion that was going down the runway was certainly a blast to talk and tweet about as well. Talk about fashionistas–you want to see a true fashionista? Go to CFW. Color-blocking, lace, neon, high-buns, geek-chic glasses, peplums, seersucker suits, bow ties and funky accessories were everywhere–both on the runway and in the audience (see the photos below for the visuals on this).

Now you know I can’t post this blog without giving a major, major fashion nod to the ultimate style savant, Ayoka Lucas, creator and style director of Charleston Fashion Week.

Miss Ayoka Lucas has an entire fashion legion working behind the scenes to make what is quite literally a million-dollar fashion event the most talked about fashion week in the Southeast–however, it is because of Ayoka’s authenticity, industry connections and fashion savvy, that CFW is the event that it is today! So please–everybody go check out Ayoka Lucas. Start by Googling her name, then check out CFW’s website, followed by the style section of Charleston Magazine (courtesy of Ayoka). She quite literally is the woman responsible for changing the fashion landscape in the Southeast, and you simply MUST follow her journey. What an inspiration.

Now—on to the networking and learning opportunity that was CFW.

Ayoka Lucas announces Hannah Goff as the 2012 Emerging Designer Winner.

Number one on the list–I had the most amazing pleasure of meeting the creator and founder of New York Fashion Week, Fern Mallis. Slightly daunting to have introduced myself to her—by hey, in this industry you have to be ballsy, but more importantly you have to know when it’s okay to talk to someone prestigious. Thankfully, fate worked in my favor. I ended up conversing with Fern three times that night. She graciously took the time to chat with me about my own fashion endeavors, the reason why NYFW is what it is, and we also chatted about why she was in favor of and voted for Designer Hannah Goff, the winner of CFW’s Emerging Designer Competition.

I also met the delightfully kind (tall & beautiful!) Cynthia Bailey from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Fashion Designer Mychael Knight was

Cynthia Bailey on the red carpet.

at CFW for the debut of his Bridal Collection, and he actually complimented my Material Girl by Madonna dress (eek!). I networked with the folks from Blogger’s Night Out, True Fashion Now, TwitPic, and a slew of amazing Southeastern fashion industry professionals like stylist Josh Ratliff, designer Faith Thornburg, Art Mag Publisher Olivia Pool, Lineage Bridal Boutique Owner Natasha Duff (high-end vintage bridal gowns in Charlotte), Charlotte Style Mag, Make Me Over Eb, Mikelle Street, Style Girl JJ, Designer Emily Bargeron (former HATCH Fashion buddy), and so many more truly amazing fashion conspirators.

See the photos I posted in the blog below this one for the visual documentation of everything that was Charleston Fashion Week 2012. Cannot wait for next year’s show!



Style Savant, Ayoka Lucas and me standing outside of the tents.

2012 Charleston Fashion Week Photos

2012 Emerging Designer, Hannah Goff's collection

Emerging Designer Finalist, Vartika Vikram's collection

Charleston Designer Rachel Gordon with her finale bridal gown. CFW served as the jumping point for her debut bridal collection.

Fashion Wire Press photographer and founder, Ed Kavishe, working a spontaneous photo shoot with models from CFW's modeling competition.

Style Savant, Ayoka Lucas and me standing outside of the tents.

Fashion pal, Stylist and Runway Coordinator Josh Ratliff and me lushing out at CFW's cocktail hour.

Rachel Gordon's finale gown and me in my Material Girl dress (hello--affordable!)

Fashion Designer Chris Benz's fashion presentation at Hampden Clothing

Bridal Designer Faith Thornburg (pictured left).

Style Girl Jess James outside of the Chris Benz & Blogger's Night Out party at Hampden Clothing.

An adorably color-blocked fashion photographer snapping away outside of the Style Lounge.

2011 Emerging Designer Charlotte Hess was a featured designer this year. Her collection features a broad variation of clothes designed with lamb's wool and knitted designs. Stunning.

Models taking one last walk down the runway before judges chose the 2012 Emerging Model winner.

Emerging Designer Hazel Bae's version of a white mini dress.

The Fashion Tent

Most adorable Spring fashionista at Hampden Clothing

Final walk of Emerging Designer Finalist Tsvetelina McAuliffe's collection.

Emerging Designer Finalist Angela Sum's collection.

Fashion pal TFNOW--all eyes on the runway.

Ayoka Lucas effortlessly amping up with the audience at CFW.

Charleston socialites, media and PR folk--enjoying brunch after an amazing week of fashion.

Stylish CFW ladies.

Designer Amber Baxley, me and Lush Life Productions Kelly Denson on the red carpet.

CFW's Official Afterparty, RAIN, at the Charleston Aquarium. Now THAT was a party to remember.

"Shoe Designer" On The Runway: Photo by Ruslan Tumash

Shoe Designer, Sarah Mettler at HATCH Fashion 2011

Click here for extended audio to Sarah’s keynote

“Shoe Designer” On The Runway: Photo by Ruslan Tumash

Sarah Mettler spoke at HATCH Fashion to an audience of aspiring, interested, and just plain curious spectators about a lifetime of shoe design. She was also selected to represent one of five HATCH Fashion Groundbreakers for her innovative iPhone application, “Shoe Designer.” Sarah presented her iPhone app and line of shoes at the HATCH Fashion show held April 17 at The Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville, NC.

Learn more about HATCH Asheville at:

Sarah Mettler’s Bio:

Perhaps it was the fact her corrective shoes didn’t match her party dresses growing up in Palm Beach, that inspired Sarah Mettler to become a shoe designer, but regardless, the girl was focused!

She was further convinced after classes at Parsons in Paris and New York, and working in master cobbler Roger Vivier’s Madison Avenue store. On Mr Vivier’s advice she applied to shoe pattern making school, and simultaneously was offered a prestigious position designing for the Ferragamo family in Florence Italy. She gladly accepted knowing their famous fit would be a complement to her skills, after recently having graduated from ARS Sutoria, in Milan Italy. Four plus years into her Italian experience she left Ferragamo and Italy, grateful for the knowledge learned, to return to New York and to launch her own line Sarah Mettler, and to design Perry Ellis’s line. Ironically, the pinnacle of her career happened when Roger Vivier came back into her life, asking her to be the only person to ever apprentice under him, for his new line Roger Vivier for Delman.

Flash forward, happily married with four sons, she was content being “the lady in the shoe, teaching the neighborhood kids about the craft she loves, until technology afforded her the opportunity to “Globally inspire next season’s shoe designer.”