Any man living in Asheville, N.C., who is in search of a classic, dressy men’s boutique, knows that in this town it’s going to be a little tough to find. Both Lexington and Biltmore Ave., are filled with local boutiques and designers, but in my humble opinion, few of these establishments have a large enough selection to style for every occasion; and men need options!

Shopping also depends on personal style, and I simply MUST give a shoutout to the boutiques who do sell men’s clothing. If you’re looking for vintage, alternative or 70s-inspired patterns, Honeypot , on Lexington  Ave., should be a must on your checklist. Or if you want that trendy L.A. look, What To Wear has a small men’s selection to browse. Union His & Hers Boutique dedicates half its store to men’s fashion. Part-owner Orlando Hernandez described the fashion as being modern, colorful and metropolitan.

The question I am now going to pose is this—where else should men shop to find the sharp, classy clothes he needsfor work or evening events?

Enter Bonobos, a stylish, colorful men’s apparel company that exists only online. I first caught wind of them last year while I was watching the 140 Character Conference streaming live from New York City. Guest speaker Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos, was on the schedule and set to talk, so I tuned in and learned all about the role social media and technology plays at Bonobos. I also learned about its customer service team, “Ninjas” (that’s what they’re called), who were apparently being lauded for their legendary customer service members’ ability to give personable experiences to nearly all of its customers. After more than a year of following the Bonobos brand I have only two words to say. Social Media. And that Bonobos is all over it. If you start following their work you’ll also notice the e-commerce side of the company has a flare for the techie world and love of sports, which I love.

That being said, I was also struck by Dunn’s great public speaking skills, persuasive ability to communicate the platform from which his business operates, and most importantly that the pants Bonobos produces are tailored to make sure the guy trying them on has a better-looking backside when he’s finished. That’s right. You heard me. These pants are specially tailored to make a man’s butt look great–and not saggy.

I would compare the experience of shopping with Bonobos to the satisfaction women get from shopping at high-end women’s boutiques. It’s about being pampered and feeling taken care of. Bonobos gets that, but in a format that men relate to: hilarious advertising, accommodating services, and an unbeatable return/exchange policy.

The fashionistos who I know expect only the best from an apparel company–and Bonobos gives them just that. Premium denim, washed chinos, stretched cotton, oxford shorts, seersucker suits, corduroy–you name it and Bonobos has got it.

In fact, my fascination with the Bonobos culture led me to venture over to its headquarters in Manhattan to do some research. True to Bonobos’ reputation for excellent customer service, once I reached out to for a meeting with a member of the PR team, somebody got back to me almost instantly. I ended up having the most incredible and insightful hour-long meeting with the company’s PR Manager Kaitlyn Axelrod (what a pro!). The stylish atmosphere of Bonobos’ office positively dripped with the essence of fashion that I believe every man should have a taste of: cool, comfortable and affluent fashion.

I’ll finish my blog with this: Men–I hope you shop at Bonobos. You’ll be a better man for it because you’ll be shopping with a brand that was founded to make clothes for guys like you, by guys who are like you, and who do it extremely well. And in the meantime–keep shopping locally when you can. But don’t be afraid to seek out more than one option when you’re shopping. Mix it up!

To see what all the fuss about, check out the Bonobos blog here and its website here. And be sure to check out more of my pics from the trip to Bonobos below!