These days I have been uber-busy with preparing for graduation at UNC Chapel Hill. Final exams, group projects and planning for the launch of my own PR agency, have all been–very–time consuming. To say the least.

However, I have been aching to post pictures of Charleston Fashion Week and tell you how flipping amazing it was to be present at the Southeast’s fashion event of the season.

Backstage Bridal Fashion

Being the fashion PR girl that I am–the networking at CFW was impeccable, but the fashion shows.. now those were the real reason to go.

And why shouldn’t they be? It’s fashion week, after all! The level of execution at this event was impressive, provocative and breathtakingly cool. Even more resounding was the enthusiasm and high-energy of everyone who attended. Everything seemed to just come together perfectly.

The fashion that was going down the runway was certainly a blast to talk and tweet about as well. Talk about fashionistas–you want to see a true fashionista? Go to CFW. Color-blocking, lace, neon, high-buns, geek-chic glasses, peplums, seersucker suits, bow ties and funky accessories were everywhere–both on the runway and in the audience (see the photos below for the visuals on this).

Now you know I can’t post this blog without giving a major, major fashion nod to the ultimate style savant, Ayoka Lucas, creator and style director of Charleston Fashion Week.

Miss Ayoka Lucas has an entire fashion legion working behind the scenes to make what is quite literally a million-dollar fashion event the most talked about fashion week in the Southeast–however, it is because of Ayoka’s authenticity, industry connections and fashion savvy, that CFW is the event that it is today! So please–everybody go check out Ayoka Lucas. Start by Googling her name, then check out CFW’s website, followed by the style section of Charleston Magazine (courtesy of Ayoka). She quite literally is the woman responsible for changing the fashion landscape in the Southeast, and you simply MUST follow her journey. What an inspiration.

Now—on to the networking and learning opportunity that was CFW.

Ayoka Lucas announces Hannah Goff as the 2012 Emerging Designer Winner.

Number one on the list–I had the most amazing pleasure of meeting the creator and founder of New York Fashion Week, Fern Mallis. Slightly daunting to have introduced myself to her—by hey, in this industry you have to be ballsy, but more importantly you have to know when it’s okay to talk to someone prestigious. Thankfully, fate worked in my favor. I ended up conversing with Fern three times that night. She graciously took the time to chat with me about my own fashion endeavors, the reason why NYFW is what it is, and we also chatted about why she was in favor of and voted for Designer Hannah Goff, the winner of CFW’s Emerging Designer Competition.

I also met the delightfully kind (tall & beautiful!) Cynthia Bailey from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Fashion Designer Mychael Knight was

Cynthia Bailey on the red carpet.

at CFW for the debut of his Bridal Collection, and he actually complimented my Material Girl by Madonna dress (eek!). I networked with the folks from Blogger’s Night Out, True Fashion Now, TwitPic, and a slew of amazing Southeastern fashion industry professionals like stylist Josh Ratliff, designer Faith Thornburg, Art Mag Publisher Olivia Pool, Lineage Bridal Boutique Owner Natasha Duff (high-end vintage bridal gowns in Charlotte), Charlotte Style Mag, Make Me Over Eb, Mikelle Street, Style Girl JJ, Designer Emily Bargeron (former HATCH Fashion buddy), and so many more truly amazing fashion conspirators.

See the photos I posted in the blog below this one for the visual documentation of everything that was Charleston Fashion Week 2012. Cannot wait for next year’s show!