Pictured Left: by Tesla Jamieson for the Feather category. Right: by Joti Marra & Juniper Cooper for the paper category.

This past July I attended the Asheville Community Theatre’s inaugural Costume Fashion Show Fundraiser at the Courtyard Marriot ballroom, produced by local fashionista Sara Fields, where more than 15 designers gathered to compete for grand prizes and notoriety, while supporting one of the city’s most beloved art centers.

The twist of the organization’s fashion show was that the designers who entered could only make their pieces using an element from one of four categories: Paper, Flowers, Tape and Feathers. Audience members then chose the winner of those categories by voting on top designs with “dollar votes,” effectively donating one dollar at a time to the ACT. Category winners received $250 and the overall winner won $500.

So who were the winners? And who were the stand-out designers?

Tesla Jamieson won the grand prize with her layered black and green peacock-feathered gown. The piece was modeled by Tess Miller and Jamieson’s piece raised $566 for the ACT.

Jamieson explained, “I had a good deal of time to think about the design and had most of the materials in a pile to consider, but I was on the road a lot and didn’t actually really start on any of it until the Friday before the show. It was pretty hectic!”

She made the winning dress from purple satin, old leather jackets, an old prom dress, and “thousands of feathers.” The head-piece was made with feathers, a costumed pearl necklace, chain, and bullet shells.

The second place dress was a team dress designed for the paper category by Jotti Mara and Juniper Cooper. The gown was inspired by Alexander McQueen and made with both construction and tissue paper that was cut, folded and manipulated to achieve its dramatic silhouette. The dress raised $814 for the ACT.

Tape Dress by Alcora Gardner

Some of my additional favorites included the tape dress by Alcora Designer (pictured left). It was made with dated work-out video tapes. Hilarious! And I just cannot get over how beautiful the dress looked shimmering under the spotlights. It had impeccable movement. Kudos to the designer.

I also fell in love with a flower dress designed by ML Marsh of Spiritex Organic. ML named it the “Jane Magnolia Gown.”

Marsh said, “I photographed the actual petal from the tree this past spring and printed each individual petal on chiffon and layered them upon soft tulle. The top part of the dress can be worn alone as a short dress.”

There were more dresses that I loved, so check out the video and photos for a birds eye view of the ACT Costume Drama Fashion Show!

Video by Judson Matthews!

Left: Gown by Designer ML Marsh & Seamstress Fiona Sheehan, Flower Category. Right: Gown by Daniella Miller, Flower Category.

Clockwise (L-R): by Sandra Harvey, Tape category; by Daniella Miller, Flower Category; by Alcora Gardner, Tape category; by Joti Marra & Juniper Cooper, Paper category

Pictured Left: by Tesla Jamieson for the Feather category. Right: by Joti Marra & Juniper Cooper for the paper category.